Helpful Hints

(These hints do not apply to CapTel)

Unfamiliar with the relay process?  Here’s some hints:
Dial 711. Please have the telephone number and the name of the person you want to call ready for a quicker dial out. If there are extension numbers or prompts to follow and you already are aware of these, please have them ready to give to the Agent before they place the call. Remember to say or type Go Ahead (GA) when you have finished your part of the conversation. When you hear or read this, please remember it is your turn to continue the conversation.

Problem using 711?
If you have problems with 711 when calling through your switchboard (a PBX telephone system), you will need to contact your PBX administrator to have the system reconfigured in order to allow 711 outdial. Information on how to set up and/or reconfigure your PBX system(s) can be obtained from your PBX vendor.
(If you cannot access Relay Indiana dialing 711, call a customer service representative at your local telephone company. It is possible that your local telephone company many not have set up 711 outdial)

Hearing beeps and tones?
Don’t hang up! Voice users may experience high pitch beeps or tones when dialing Relay Indiana. Please just stay on the line and the operator will voice to you within a few seconds. Many times this happens when a switchboard is used at your location or this may happen the first time you dial 711 instead of the original 800 number.

Remember that the Agent (operator) is not a part of the conversation.
They must read everything typed to the hearing person, even the things you type in parentheses. Also, the Agents must type everything they hear including background noises. The Agent is not permitted to make judgment calls on how a customer feels during a relay call; however, you can ask how “loud” the voice sounds.

Using a Calling Card:
When using a calling card to place a call through Relay Indiana, please give the Agent the following information: the 800 (or 877) toll free number (usually on the back of the card), the calling card number (sometimes requiring a PIN) and then the phone number you wish to call.

Your Rights as a Relay User:
You have the right to ask that the Agent not announce or explain the relay call. This will speed the call along if you are calling someone already familiar with the service. Please make this note in your Customer Database Profile.
• You have the right to request a change of agent if you want an agent of a different sex from the one you just received.
• You have the right to ask for VCO (voice carryover). Hard-of-hearing callers who want to use their own voice during the call utilize VCO. The Agent types the caller’s response back to the VCO user.
• You have the right to ask for HCO (hearing carryover). HCO is like VCO except that the calling process is reversed. The Agent voices what the HCO caller types. The HCO caller can usually hear but has difficulty with speech.
• You have the right to ask for a supervisor if you are not satisfied with the way the call is being handled. You also have the right to ask for a supervisor to give a compliment if you are pleased with either the relay service or the Agent.
• You have the right to make as many relay calls as you wish on any given day.
• You have the right to carry on relay conversations for as long or as short as you wish.
• You have the right to make relay calls anytime, or anywhere.
• You have the right to say anything you wish on a relay call.