Using TTY

What is TTY?
“TTY” stands for “teletypewriter,” and the term is sometimes used to describe teletypes in general. TTY systems allow people who are deaf and hard of hearing to make calls to each other, and with the assistance of relay systems, users can also communicate with people who do not have TTY systems. A TTY system allows the user to place a phone call and then communicate through written text, rather than spoken communication. TTY systems include a telephone handset which is attached to a keyboard; each key makes a specific tone which can be read by the handset. The handset communicates those tones to a receiver on the other end of the line, and the receiver interprets the tones and generates a line of text.

1. Dial Relay Indiana at 711 or 800-743-3333.
2. Operator answers by typing “RELAY INDIANA, (#)”M” or “F” (for operator gender), and, “NUMBER CALLING PLS GA.” (“PLS GA” means “please go ahead.”)
3. Type in the area code and telephone number you wish to call and then type “GA.”
4. Relay Indiana Operator will dial the number and “relay” the conversation to and from your TTY. Type “GA” after you have completed your part of the conversation.