SuperPrint 4425

Superprint 4425

SuperPrint 4425
TTY (text telephone – also known as Telecommunications Device for the Deaf/TDD)

• Used to type a message to another TTY user or a person using a standard telephone through the relay service
• Built-in ring flasher that lights up when the phone rings

How to use:
1. Dial Relay Indiana at 711 or 800-743-3333
2. Operator answers by typing “RELAY INDIANA, (#)”M” or “F” (for operator gender), and, “NUMBER CALLING PLS GA.” (“PLS GA” means “please go ahead.”)
3. Type in the area code and telephone number you wish to call and then type “GA.”
4. Relay Indiana Operator will dial the number and “relay” the conversation to and from your TTY. Type “GA” after you have completed your part of the conversation.

If you meet the following criteria, you may be able to obtain a free phone from Relay Indiana:
+ Citizen of Indiana?
+ Hard of hearing, deaf or speech impaired?
+ Annual household income below $71,000?
click here to go to application

Only print application below if you do NOT QUALIFY for a free phone
application for those exceeding Income Limit (.pdf)